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Case Studies

Gas Leak Emergency Averted. Thanks HomeJotter!

One day a gas leak was found emanating from the hot water heater. The homeowner opened HomeJotter on her phone to post an urgent request for service. She made sure the post was marked with the “emergency” status button. She received a call within minutes from Brian O’Neil, who’d been alerted about the emergency via text message. HomeJotter automatically takes all urgent requests and notifies the nearest HomeSquare personnel in the field. O’Neil was at the house within half an hour, and the issue was resolved that same day.

I am a first-time home owner and I didn’t know much about caring for my new house. The amount of work in the first few months of ownership can be daunting, especially with a new baby and busy schedules. Why don’t houses come with instruction manuals?! HomeSquare has been a huge help not only with emergency requests (like burst pipes and gas leaks), but also with basic home maintenance completed through their monthly service plan.

I know so much more about my home and I feel more confident living in it now that HomeSquare has my back. The HomeJotter app is like having living record of services for my house that I can refer back to at any time (like when I need to change HVAC filters). Thanks to HomeSquare I finally have an instruction manual for my house!

gas burner

Town of Greenwich Declares Snow Emergency

snowy house

A HomeSquare client is away on a ski vacation during the winter holidays. A major storm hits at home, downing trees and cutting power in many neighborhoods. Checking in on the property while the family is away, their property manager discovers that the heat is not functioning in the master bedroom. The homeowner is alerted to the issue, and the problem is resolved before the family returns late on a Sunday night.

When we got home from vacation, instead of a cold bedroom, our house was warm and waiting for us. What a relief!

Traditional Home MaintenanceThe HomeSquare Advantage
Homeowner follows the news of the storm on-line, hoping for the best upon return.HomeSquare property manager visits the house in during the vacation, doing basic maintenance: salting driveway, prepping gates, clearing walkways.
There is no heat when they get home late on a SundayHomeSquare informs homeowners that the home is fine after storm, but heat is out in the master bedroom area.
The pipes are frozen.HomeSquare ensures that the defect is corrected before the homeowners return.

Efficient $150 Repair vs $1000 Replacement

When an outdoor shower fixture broke, a Greenwich homeowner made a quick call to HomeSquare to describe the problem. On the property’s HomeJotter digital profile, the HomeSquare property manager noted that the shower panel manufacturer is Hansgrohe, and ordered a replacement part without a separate visit to the home and estimate charge.

HomeSquare saved me time, money, and the hassle of finding someone to fix this.

outdoor shower

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