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A Little About Us

We founded HomeSquare because we were dissatisfied with the home maintenance experience. It’s 2017– is it really necessary to trade voicemails with guys in pick-up trucks you don’t know? Each of our customers has HomeJotter, our own iPhone app which makes it easy to see what’s going on in your house as well as request new services. Welcome to 2017, HomeSquare style.

Thanks for coming to the rescue! What would we do without you?

Brian O’Neil is a residential and commercial builder and home improvements contractor with more than 20 years of experience in the NY Tri-state area. He brings his industry expertise and resources to the senior management of HomeSquare.
Ernesto Ruiz comes from generations of craftsmen and housing developers, and has extensive practical experience and education in IT and Architectural Design. Combined with his 15+ years of home renovation, repair and maintenance, he leads HomeSquare’s operations.
Jonathan Heuer brings an enthusiasm for home maintenance and all things digital to HomeSquare, where he leads the company’s product development efforts. His broad background includes film production, software and marketing.
George Liu is an attorney, with a broad background and education in business, technology and engineering. He brings this experience to the leadership of HomeSquare. His vision is helping HomeSquare redefine home services to achieve scale and efficiency.
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