rental homes can be more profitable for landlords using rental property maintenance servicesProperty owners and managers are all-too-familiar with the summer rush to fix up, prep and rent out the apartments and homes in their purview. Between summer downtime, children moving to new school districts and students starting new academic programs, July and August are two of the busiest months to rent an apartment – and end a lease agreement.

There’s a lot to do in the mad rush to prepare apartments for this quick turnover. Some, like repainting an apartment, are required by law in certain locales at certain intervals. Other minor jobs such as wood rot repair, or small handyman tasks like rehanging closet doors, need to be taken care of before a new tenant moves in, whether the old tenant was at fault or not. In a competitive market, property owners may need to do even more to spruce up or upgrade the entire unit to make it more appealing to renters. No matter the reason, July and August are still the season to tackle the little projects that added up over the lease term.

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