preventative maintenance in your bathroom lets you focus on the important stuff, like familyAs long as water is running from the faucets and straight down the drain, your bathroom is certainly in fine working order… or is it?

In many ways, the bathroom is a center point of your home. Many major systems such as plumbing, water supply, electrical, drainage and ventilation all come together in your bathroom. Without a properly-functioning bathroom, all these systems can be affected in some way.

We typically don’t think twice about the bathroom until the drains stop draining or the spouts stop flowing. In reality, however, “invisible” problems behind the tiles or inside the pipes begin way before we even suspect something may be wrong. Unless your child flushed his favorite teddy bear, it’s likely that a sudden plumbing problem actually built up over months or years.

A recent survey found that 31 percent of us needed a plumber in the last year, and 17 percent of us are even on a first name basis with that plumber! While it’s certainly good to know the professionals working in your home, you shouldn’t be on a first-name basis because you have constant emergencies — it should be because you’re taking good care of your home.   From clogged drains to crumbling caulk to even wood rot repair, many bathroom emergencies can be prevented by simply handling small problems before they turn into larger ones.

The right maintenance helps dodge costly bathroom repair services

Just as the adage says an apple a day keeps the doctor away, regular bathroom maintenance avoids the need for costly emergency bathroom repair services. Start with these basics to tackle problems before they get worse.

  • Clear the drains twice a year. Just because it went down the drain doesn’t mean that it’s actually gone. Hair, shampoo, the little plastic beads in your body wash — all of these can be disastrous for your sink and tub. Even if you have a hair-catching device in your drain, a little bit of hair still gets through, forming a spider web-like catch-all in the drain where the aforementioned beads and soap sit and accumulate. Professional drain cleaning twice a year prevents these clogs from getting to a point of a slowdown or a total backup.
  • Thoroughly clean bathroom fans, blades and housing. Bathroom fans usually don’t make the checklist when we clean the toilet, sink and tub. These fans, which are important for humidity control, proper airflow and air quality, need to be clean in order to work properly. A routine deep clean ensures that moisture is properly circulating out and fresh air is being brought in, which keeps furniture and fixtures from deteriorating.
  • Seal all the fixtures. Bathtub and tile sealing doesn’t last forever, even when a durable silicone-based caulk is applied to cracks and crevices. Although a silicone sealant can last for many years, it’s not uncommon for pieces to break apart, peel away or form gaps. An annual check ensures these vulnerable areas stay watertight, preventing moisture from getting in where it shouldn’t . When your plumber checks the caulking, make sure the grout is inspected as well. Not only is crumbling grout a cosmetic concern, but it could let in moisture and facilitate wood rot or other damage.
  • Polish your hardware. When’s the last time you spruced up your bathroom doorknobs and drawer pulls? We know that these little details may not impact your bathroom’s function, but they certainly impact its look, feel — and health. Doorknobs are actually one of the dirtiest spots in your home, precisely because many people often overlook cleaning them. Not to mention, a proper polish will leave your fixtures gleaming and glistening.

Luckily, these services aren’t hard to come by for customers who purchase HomeSquare’s Essentials maintenance package. This package offers maintenance services year-round for your bathroom, kitchen, gutters, electrical, and more. The Essentials plan dispatches a licensed and insured handyman to your home at set points throughout the year for hundreds less than if you purchased these services individually — or if you ended up needing (avoidable) emergency service.

So don’t risk expensive and extensive bathroom repair services when routine maintenance can keep the emergency plumber away. Contact HomeSquare to learn how our Essentials maintenance package can support your home!


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